Reminder: Give yourself a break!

Thank FUCK it's Friday! 

I don’t know about everyone else, but I can’t believe it’s almost the end of March... it feels like the weeks have all rolled into one big mess.

Errands to run, housework to do, laundry to do, meals to make, people to see, little ones to look after- it all adds up and sometimes it becomes too much. You lay down at the end of the day and instead of relaxing you’re creating a to-do list in your head. 

It would be totally normal to feel exhausted right now, which is what I’m feeling. I woke up this morning and my brain screamed at me “I can’t do this today!”

We get so used to “pushing through” that we forget it’s OKAY for us to take a break. Whether that’s a day off from work, or even just saying no to social events so that you can spend some time looking after yourself.

Everyone needs a break, the hardest part is realising that and then giving yourself the time.

Hit pause.

Have a nap.

Switch off.

Look after yourself.

It doesn’t help when you're surrounded by the hustle culture, where it seems to be a competition of who is the busiest. Who had the least amount of sleep? Who hasn’t stopped? Who hasn’t had a day off this week?

What’s the prize for any of that? Being tired as fuck?

No thanks!

I’m happy when I get days where I don’t have much, where I can be a couch potato and give myself the rest I deserve. Don’t let people make you feel guilty for it.

Remember: Laziness is not the same as inactive. Being inactive is you giving yourself permission to have a break.

Give yourself a break physically, mentally, emotionally and from technology.

Below are a few tips of ways to give yourself a break for each of those categories, and I use quite a few of these depending on what I need a break from.


  • Allow yourself a little extra sleep. Go to bed a bit earlier, or if you can, hit snooze one more time. 
  • Change out your strenuous workout day to something a bit gentler. 
  • Get a massage. Perfect reason to go get one.
  • Do you have a bath? Take a long, hot one.


  • Do 5 minutes of deep breathing. Bring it down into your stomach, not just your chest. 
  • Go outside and spend a little time in nature. Even if that’s not your thing, just try 15 minutes. 
  • Indulge in a guilty pleasure. You want to park yourself on the couch and binge Netflix? Do it!
  • Take a break from the negative people in your life. You’re not abandoning them, just looking after yourself.


  • Metaphorically release your emotions. Sometimes just writing things down and getting them out of your head is such a relief. 
  • Need to cry? Do it. Give yourself the space to cry and release those emotions. 
  • Write down the things you’re grateful for. Practicing gratitude is a great habit to pick up. 
  • Count your successes. It could be as small as the fact you got out of bed at a reasonable time, or that you got out of bed at all.
  • Try and start the day technology free. It could just be for the 30 minutes that you’re getting ready for the day. 
  • Put the phone down and be present in the moment. I like to do this when I’m spending time with my partner, friends or family. 
  • Decide you’re only going to check your emails once a day. Obviously during work hours that’s different, but in your own time just leave them until the end of the day.
  • Give technology a bedtime. You have a bedtime so why not give technology one? That way you can give yourself time to wind down from staring at a screen before you jump into bed.

I understand that we’re all busy adults, and some of these tips won’t work for everyone. That’s okay; but find the things that do work for you and implement them.

Obviously at the end of the day you-do-you, but hear me out. You probably look after everyone else in your life, so why don’t you look after yourself?

We’re only human, give yourself the time and space for self-care. 

As always, we’re happy to have a chat about anything, and our inbox is always open. 


Much love from the GU gals xx 

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