Next Stop: Masturbation Station!


Let’s be honest, people masturbate. WOMEN masturbate.

Maybe not everyone, and that’s okay. But if you think garlic bread is good… you should definitely try treating yourself to an orgasm!

Growing up this wasn’t something that was talked about in my friend group. It was the secret act that my girlfriends and I were probably all doing, but not mentioning. I know most of us were reading Dolly and Girlfriend magazine too, so we would’ve read about it at some point.

(Who remembers those magazines and the sealed sections?!)

It wasn’t until I was around 17 / 18 that it was bought up in conversation, surprisingly by a male friend of ours. Chill, it wasn’t creepy or seedy. Just more curiosity from both sides on what each of us was doing.

The conversation didn’t last long, but it made me feel normal knowing other people were out there also giving themselves a bit of self-love. It was this moment where I thought "Oh okay! I’m not a gross weirdo touching myself. This is normal. Cool.”

After that one conversation it dropped off the list of topics though, and that’s fine, some people don’t like to talk about it.

Then sex toys come on the scene, or I became aware of them at least. I was really intrigued by them, and I so badly wanted to know if my friends were using them. I wanted to talk to them, get their advice and opinions.

  • Were the toys good?

  • What toys were best?

  • Was it weird using them?

  • Did they use them solo or with their partner?

  • Was it awkward buying them? (This was when online shopping wasn’t as big as it is now)

Unfortunately, no one in my friend group was talking about them, and I’ll admit I was too shy to ask.

As I moved through life, and jobs, I started meeting new people. From here I made new friends and these conversations happened naturally. I was meeting people outside my small-town circle, and I genuinely enjoyed being part of these conversations. I learnt so much!

It’s a different type of bonding experience when you’re able to talk about masturbation and sex with your friends. Learning each other’s stories gives you information and insight you might not find out by yourself. You can empathize and laugh about the things that you've experienced.

These conversations also help us to normalize it, because let’s fucking normalize masturbation for the ladies! If you don’t know how to pleasure yourself, how are you going to help your partner do that for you?

It’s also a fantastic stress reliever 😉

This goes together with what Megan, and I are wanting to do with Girls Unhinged. Not only to bring our cute ass toy to you, but to create that community and safe space for us all.

Let us know below how masturbation and sex has progressed for you, or if you see this post on our socials feel free to jump in there and comment!

Much love from GU xx


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