Meet Us!


We're just a couple of girls from Western Australia, and we're so excited to finally be putting our long wished for vision out into the world.

The idea for Girls Unhinged started back in 2018 when we were living the FIFO life and dealing with so much shit, that when we look back at it now we're not sure how we managed to come out the other side whole.

While it was great in a lot of ways, there is a dark and harsh side to working up there, especially in a such a male dominated industry. It can wear you down.
There's so many issues we'd love to talk about in other posts, because we know we're not alone, and we want others to know they're not alone either. For now we'll say that it opened our eyes to a lot of inequality, double standards and hard truths.

GU originally started as the idea for a podcast, and since that moment it has taken so many different twists and turns to finally land us where we are now. Our dream is to help change the stigma around female self pleasure, speaking up and loving yourself.

Our small business is starting out with our gorgeous little toy, but we'll be branching out into so many other things that we're excited to share with you all in the future.

Thanks for joining us xx

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