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Western Australia


  • Hi!

    It’s been a while since I wrote your last article for my blog and I wanted to say hi and thank you :)

    I also want to give you extra traffic to your site for no cost as a gift from me to you :)

    I have started a new YouTube channel that I’m starting to grow, and I will post links to my favorite sites on it throughout the next few months as it grows.

    If you would like for me to post a link to your site on an upcoming video please send me the link that you would like me to use and I’ll make sure to get it posted. Again, I am not charging you anything at all because I need a LOT of content for my channel :)

    In return, if you could maybe subscribe to my YouTube channel that would be very much appreciated because I want you to see your site mentioned in an upcoming video!

    Here is a link to my YouTube channel (Knotty Prostate)

    Please check it out, and hopefully subscribe so that you can see your site mentioned in an upcoming video.



    Jenny Ash
  • Hey there!

    I’m following up on my last message as I didn’t hear back from you.

    In case you missed it – we specialise in helping Australian ecommerce businesses drive more customers to their websites so they can increase their online sales.

    I’ve already spoken with dozens of ecommerce businesses owners, and I wanted to check with you one last time to see if we can help generate more customer sales as well.

    We’re consistently increasing online sales by more than 100% – so I’ve got some great ideas I’d like to share with you.

    Are you available for a quick call today or tomorrow?


    Daniel | Online Growth Specialist @ Prospectly
    171 Collins Street, Melbourne CBD

  • Hello!

    My name’s Daniel, and I’m an online growth specialist at Prospectly.

    I help Australian Ecommerce business owners drive more customers to their websites so they can increase their online sales and substantially grow their businesses.

    Having just looked at your website I thought I’d contact you to see if you’re interested in generating more customers and online sales as well.

    The majority of my clients have doubled their revenues after working with us for just a few months.

    Would you be interested in jumping on a quick call today or tomorrow to discus this?


    Daniel | Online Growth Specialist @ Prospectly
    171 Collins Street, Melbourne CBD

  • Hi,

    Who should I contact to discuss how to improve your returns process?

    We are one of the most popular returns solutions in Australia.

    Best regards,

    Natalie Samocino
  • Hi – hope you’re having a great Tuesday!

    I got in contact with you recently about your ecommerce store.

    In case you missed the details – I work at EcomWiz where we help Australian ecommerce store owners scale their businesses to achieve over 6 figures in monthly sales.

    We’ve got some huge results for our current clients (doubled their online sales within a few months), and I wanted to see if had the capacity to take on more customers and sales as well?

    There’s a lot of opportunities that we can capitalise on in your marketplace, so if more customers is something you can handle, would you be available for a quick 5-10 introductory call in the coming days?

    (If so, please let me know the best number I can call you on)


    Growth Specialist, EcomWiz

    696 Bourke Street, Melbourne

    Frank Nor

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