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Welcome to the love project of two Perth (unhinged) women; Jayde and Megan.

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We've taken the same lush scents from our massage candles and turned them into a beautiful body/massage oil. Dropping soon!

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The Black Widow

The toy that started it all! Whether you're looking to upgrade or to buy your first toy, this is perfect on all levels.

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The Tarot Collection

Introducing our beautiful tarot necklaces! These are the perfect addition to your jewellery collection. Pick the tarot that speaks to you the most.

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The Black Widow came to play! She is a small but mighty little addition to any couple pleasure && she will become the main character for fun solo play and exploration.


BY FAR this is the best sex toy I have come across! Definitely recommend this to any woman who wants killer orgasms.


ITS SO GOOD!!!!!!! I've tried a similar one in the past and it wasn't very good but your one is so strong and powerful and yes it works!


I’m not sure what the bar is for girls, with regards to toys, but this one had my partner convulsing within about 5 minutes. I’d love to say I was doing a great job but I’m well aware that it was the toy. Thanks GU, looking forward to seeing more products!


I have experienced nothing else like this! This little wonder is sleek and sexy. From the packaging through to the little gem itself. But once you give it a whirl, there is no going back! In fact you may as well say byee to your boyfriend/girlfriend, they're not needed any more!


Soo purchased last week and arrived 2 days ago. Used it by myself for the first time to test out and honestly 🥵 I have a couple in this style of toy and this one seriously takes the cake. Used it for the second time with my partner and it was like another dimension was opened 🤣 you're seriously missing out. I


My only complaint is that it didn’t come with a warning that I’d have to change my bed linen twice in one day. 💦💦
I don’t know how the girls have done it, but they’ve revolutionised female pleasure in a way that is simultaneously subtle, sleek and sexy.



Like who doesn’t love a multi-orgasm situation!?! I waited until my toy died to leave my review and I’ve gotta say the battery life on this little pocket rocket is PHENOMENAL!